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Double Tap

Hi guys, Grrr, I waited and waited for the rain to stop so that I can do my daily walk, but I got like 5 freaking minutes and those were so chilly that I gave up my idea of an outfit which I posted on Instagram earlier today. Well, I did save some garments to the look, but swift it into something more for spring than for summer... I do hope the weather forecast is wright for a change and that we will have better temperatures next week !  So, hope you like this mix as well. My favorite piece is naturally the crochet top from TOMTOP. I guess I have a weakness for crochet this summer, pardon, spring :S

What I wore: - TOMTOP crochet top ( find it here) - Bershka jeans - Zara vest - Guess by Marciano heels - Suite Blanco satchel
I'll be certainly back tomorrow with an new ootd if I don't get a cold that is :) I would like to take a moment and thank you so much for visiting my blog ! I absolutely adore to read all your comments here and on my social networks. It gives me confidence …

Free flash tattoos !!

Hey lovelies, While I wait for this darn weather to calm down and have a little sunshine so that I can go out, I thought I'd pamper my lovely readers with some news. Style Moi is giving away free flash tattoos for everyone! You just need to pay the shipping fee which is practically nothing ( $3.99) and make a Style Moi account ( which is also free) ! So, what are you waiting for ? Sign up now :D CLICK HERE

Will be back later with the new ootd, so stay tuned! ^^ Kisses, R.

Matching Models or How To Work Without Being Paid

Hi guys, This indeed is an article worth reading because I feel that it's my duty to take advantage of the fact that I have a voice with my blog and share with you my (bad) experience so that others won't fall into the same trap.  Last month, in April to be more precise, I had a two day job at Desigual, sharing flyers and engaging with clients for the good of the store. The job was promised to me byMatching Models, a company based in London ( or so they say so) who seemed certified and everything. I do work in the field of modeling, hostess, etc., so an extra income was nice, although I work everyday for my own store. Anyway, so the payment had to be sent at the beginning of May. Nothing was wrong until the payment day came and I found myself emailing them and trying to contact them all over the internet ( Facebook, Instagram, etc.), evidently I haven't received word or any response. I did, though, stumbled upon other models who didn't get paid ( in Belgium and Nederl…

Born again

Hi sweeties, So, looks like the weather for next week has some great temperatures instored for us. Therefore, I'm getting ready with some awesome outfits. Yes, I'm so lame, I can't wait for the actual high temperatures and gettin' my a*s freezing, well not freezing freezing, but it was still a bit chilly outside with the Northern wind and all.  But how can you restrain yourself from not wearing this superbe backless mini dress from Style Moi? Just see how gorgeous it is...

What I wore: - Style Moi dress ( find it here) - Zara sandals - Louis Vuitton handbag
So, what do you think about this look? I can trust you'll leave your honest opinion in the comment box below. :D Thank you for visiting the blog ! Have a lovely Saturday and "see you" tomorrow ! <3 Kisses, R.

Dose of insanity

Hello sweeties, Yeyyy the weekend is here! And to celebrate this day, I wanted to do something a bit more bizarre, but in a good way :D ! Today's outfit it's something Rihanna will definitely like for sure. It has charisma, it has class and with a dose of insanity ! The maxi black dress from TOMTOP has the class part of the outfit, my crazy sunnies from Born Pretty store slowly brings you into the insane part and to top off the look, I did a daring lip make-up using my new lipsticks also from Born Pretty store.  And here's the bomb:

What I wore: - TOMTOP long elegant dress ( find it here) - TOMTOP bag ( find it here) - Mango sandals - Born Pretty shop sunnies ( find them here) - On my lips: -Shimmer Lipstick ( find it here #3 shade on upper lip) - Gothic Cosplay Lipstick ( find itherewhite shade on lower lip )
So, this is my crazy crazy look for today. If you want to step a little bit out of the daily pattern, this is the way to do it ^^ I really hope you like the styling …

Devil May Cry

Hi guys, We are quickly going for the weekend and I don't know about you, but I sure need some days off. The bad news is that this weekend will be super busy (as the weekends ahead), so I'm really "low battery"... The best moment of the day is when I stay in front of the mirror and just try on what I have in mind from the night before. Picking an outfit, for me, is always easy. Most of the times everything just seem to fall into place and the outfit really takes shape in front of my eyes.  Having to live such troubled times ( financially speaking), we must pay attention when choosing our clothes and that's why, the outfit I'm wearing today is...well, "low cost" haha. See, we all like Dior and Chanel and everything, but I'm the type of gal who finds "hidden treasures" even on cheap clothing sites or at the thrift store. It's like you can buy fashion, but you can never buy style, right? So, I have a lovely look for you today. I have…